Social media and social work 

Are these two things that can never go together? Your employer wont’ let you tweet; you can’t access Facebook at work; what about confidentiality?

There are a million reasons not to go on social media, but then there are a million reasons to avoid doing anything that might be tricky. Social media can be tricky. By tweeting, posting, blogging you are putting information out into the public domain and you may have no control over it once it is out there. And some people are not nice and say horrible things. The benefits however, are huge. Social media was made for social work. It is about people interacting on a huge scale. It can normalise difficult circumstances, because thousands of others have been there too, and suddenly there are all within reach. It can create communities online, for people in a lonely and demanding job. And, more than that it is the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for to share good news and debunk the myths about what social work actually is and what social workers actually do.

So, a few simple rules:
1. Think before you tweet. Reflect on what you want to say. Don’t tweet with the blind passion of a football fan: they are not objective and they are not interested in getting supporters, they just want to tell you how it is.
2. Ordinary is good. This is not the Pulitzer. Seeing everyday things that you experience and then talking about them can reassure others.
3. Don’t tweet or post or blog when you are angry. If you do, save it as a draft and look at it later. Some of your best ideas might come from being outraged at something, but you are unlikely to frame it in the same way 30 minutes later.
4. Ignore trolls and rude people. You would do in life, so do so online.
5. Think about what is on your mind and share it – there are others thinking the same. The best post I saw recently said simply this: “I have felt about a million different things this week at work, but not once have I questioned the importance of #socialwork” Go forth and blog / tweet / post. It’s worth it.

A blog by Jane Devine, Business Manager

Annual Conference and Exhibition 2016

15-16 June 2016 | Crieff Hydro 

Book your place at the Social Work Scotland Annual Conference & Exhibition 2016 now! 

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Shaping our Future: Making a Difference

26 February 2016 | University of Dundee 

'Shaping our Future: Making a Difference' is a conference for final year social work students and newly qualified social workers. What’s it like for a social work student leaving university and making the transition into the world of work as a Newly Qualified Social Worker? This event provides an opportunity to network and engage in discussion about this important transition. Hosted by the University of Dundee, in partnership with the Higher Education Heads of Social Work Group, Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, Scottish Social Services Council, the Scottish Association of Social Workers, Social Work Scotland, and the Scottish Government.

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Best of Scotland celebrated at Society Awards

Social Work Scotland had the pleasure in sponsoring and presenting the Health and Social Care Integration Award at the Herald Society awards earlier in the month.

West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership won the award for their new work in improving palliative care for older people in care homes and reducing the numbers admitted to hospital in their last days. 

Vice President Elaine Torrance presented the award to the winners.

A comprehensive list of all the winners from the 2015 awards can be viewed here









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