Public Understanding Research

The research project 'What the Public think about Scottish social services and why', commissioned by the Social Work Services Strategic Forum, is now available on our website.
Overall, the research findings suggest a good level of support for social services in Scotland and a reasonable level of literacy among respondents about what social services do. Click here to read the report.

Social Work Scotland's position on the Named Person Scheme

In response to the recent media debate around the Named Person, please see below Social Work Scotland's position:

"Social Work Scotland supports the Named Person and sees it as a valuable part of Getting it Right for Every Child.

"The narrative by those that oppose the Named Person is not accurate. Having a Named Person is about getting the right help to the right children at the right time. It is about earlier help, support and intervention and someone who can coordinate all of that for children and their families.

"Already social work, the police, health workers and teachers share information about children and families and they do this in discussion with them - the Named Person doesn't change that. In times of crisis police, social work, health and education can share information anyway. The legislation doesn't change this either.

"The Named Person ensures that families know who to go to for informaiton and support. THis is a teacher or a health visitor - someone the families know and who knows them. Social work get involved when it is appropriate. "  

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Save the Date: Social Work Summit, 8th December 2017, Glasgow

Social Work Scotland will be hosting a Social Work Summit on December 8th 2017. The event is free to attend, and it will provide the start of a conversation around unleashing the potential of our workforce to adapt and respond to present and future challenges across the sector.

Click here for more information and to sign up.