Social Work Scotland in the news

June 2017 - BBC Scotland
Jackie Irvine Vice-President of Social Work Scotland on Good Morning Scotland about the Significant Case Review into Liam Fee's case.
2:17:50 - 2:24:49 Listen to the broadcast

June 2016 - The Scotsman
Elaine Torrance - social work all about forging connections

May 2016 - Radio 5 Live Drive
Elaine Torrance President of Social Work Scotland talks to Anna Foster in relation to Liam Fee verdict
02:05:55 - 02:12:54 Listen to the broadcast

April 2016 - The Scotsman
Alistair Gaw - Named person campaign warns of army of snoopers, as defenders of scheme condemn 'inflammatory nonsense'

February 2016 - The Scotsman
Alistair Gaw - The NHS must focus on better aiding the elderly

October 2015 - The Scotsman
Alistair Gaw - Exploding myths over 'named person' law

June 2015 - The Scotsman
Alistair Gaw - Schools and carers must work together

April 2015 - The Scotsman
Harry Stevenson - Ruling frees up social workers to get on with job

December 2014 - The Scotsman
Harry Stevenson - Hard graft behind social work scenes takes toll

November 2014 - The Scotsman
Harry Stevenson - We must learn from child death tragedies

September 2014 - The Scotsman
Harry Stevenson: Take pride in social work

July 2014 - The Scotsman
Learning is a lifelong experience for all: Harry Stevenson talks about the importance of learning and research in the integration agenda

June 2014 - Herald
A profession that has a lot to offer society: Harry Stevenson talks about the future of Social Work Scotland.

June 2014 - The Guardian
Social work in Scotland faces a time of huge change: Harry Stevenson explains what the future might hold.

June 2014 - Community Care Magazine
Harry Stevenson talks about the transition from ADSW to Social Work Scotland.

May 2014 - Scotsman
Culture of blame only adds to risk: Sandy Riddell talks about the blame game in social work and the risk it carries.

March 2014 - Scotsman
Social work remains a vital service: Sandy Riddell asks people not to make assumptions about social work, but to try and understand the complex and valuable work social workers do.

January 2014 - Scotsman
Aiming to give all children the best start in life: Sandy Riddell talks about the important changes which the Children's Bill will bring about.




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