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Unpaid working group | Nick Burgess
Adult Justice Throughcare | Audrey Howard and Nicola Rogerson


The key priorities highlighted by the criminal justice standing committee included:

  • consideration of the implications arising from the redesign of community justice standing
  • consolidation of the RRP1 initiatives and supporting the development of RRP2
  • improving the interface with the Scottish prison service and other national justice bodies
  • promoting the development of self-evaluation and performance management processes
  • contributing to the development of national accredited programmes
  • continuing to highlight and promote good practice and to showcase this through Social     Work Scotland
  • criminal justice conference due to take place later this year

  • The remit set out by the committee for the following year aims to cover:

  • The redesign of the community justice system
  • funding of criminal justice social work
  • performance management
  • through-care and services
  • women who offend
  • Criminal Justice Standing Committee Meeting Dates 2018

    Raploch Community Centre, Drip Road, Stirling

    All 10:00 - 15:00

    • 02/03/18
    • 27/04/18
    • 15/06/18
    • 10/08/18
    • 05/10/18
    • 07/12/18